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Michael Rogers' blogACTIVE outing of Edward Schrock a Virginia conservative politician and ending of the man's political career gets nothing but an Amen! from me.

But many gay leaders at least publicly dissent. In their hearts I doubt they give a damn. But in their roles as visible queer leadership they have the prudential concern of being able to talk to the hypocrites that constitute America's legally if not duly elected representatives.

The HRC says it is against using "[sexual] orientation as a weapon. Well the Human Rights Campaign lost the regular contributions of one of my straight friends when they foolishly decided to support one of New York state's most visibly corrupt politicians. Their support didn't keep him in office either. And the HRC's recent treatment of Margaret Cho was an equally valueless attempt to win friends among people who despise us.

You can't help but sympathize with the membership The Gay, Lesbian & Allies Senate Staff Caucus. But staffers are people who've chosen to pursue careers in social universe that at best deals in ambiguities. A polite way of saying lies. I'm sure outings make some of the people they work with nervous.

The Log Cabin Republicans - homocons in bed with theocons - don’t like political outings. Poor creatures whatever askew logic they can manufacture to support homophobes. You'd think the Federal Marriage Amendment would've given them finer appreciation of Republican reality.

John Aravosis, the guy behind Dear Mary, sums up my own feelings about Republican politicians:

“They declared war,” he said. “We’re not going to respond with a hug.”

Certainly not powerful gay men who attack the rest of us from a comfortable closet.

‘Outing’ politicians divides gay activists


That reminds me of France’s current Culture minister who’s a (right wing) closet case and who even took part in a very homophobic demonstration back in 2000 during the discussion around the PACS, our civil union. At the time, some gay journalists threatened to out him (without naming him, of course), and the whole leftist press went up in arms… The result is that our dear right-wing government changed one very out Culture minister (Jean-Jacques Aillagon) for the current little fucker (Renaud Donnedieu De Vabres). They probably think that’s progress.

I have such a skewed view of France.

I tend to think of the country in terms of the famous intellectuals it produced. All of whom are the main inspirations of American leftwing intellectuals.

And France has an enormous reputation for being sexually free that probably more properly belongs to (some of) the Northern Europeans.

Foucault and the others were a long time ago… Things have changed.

And I think that you’re right, the more or less sexually-liberated people would be the Scandinavians. Although compared to a lot of Americans, I guess French people are liberated :)

IMHO, the most liberated of the European clans are the Dutch. I’ve been to Sweden and their scene is inclusive - the exclusively gay scene in Stockholm is rather small simply because it’s so well-integrated. Everywhere was straight-friendly/queer friendly. On the other hand, during my Dutch course, it became clear how easily my native Dutch teacher, my dutch friends and the materials we used, discussed sex and sexuality. No embarrassment, no condemnation, no hysterics, such an eye-opener!

I’ve often thought that the smartest thing I couldn’t done as a young man was learn Dutch and move to The Netherlands.

But an up-close view of the American spectacle does offer some rewards.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Out more Republican closet cases.

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