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(I thought I was going to clean up this little rant but have too many distractions.)

Not long ago I sneered at political weblogging. I shan't make it a habit.

I find myself more and more inescapably drawn toward strong political feelings.

You over there in the back are yawning at me aren't you? The purple haired sissy in the front row is slamming his fist on the arm of his chair shouting that it is about time.

I'm of several mixed minds about politics as they are practiced and discussed here in God's Gift to Mankind.

When I left Savannah for the Big City I met all manner of people who'd share with me the truth about the secret cabal behind it all, how society was about to collapse. My friends and acquaintances were liberal, radical or fringe folk who danced close to the edge of silliness when they didn't plain fall over it into paranoid fantasy.

If you are just getting away from Republican moms and dads or the bland witless mediocrity of an American public school different clichés are alive in your ears. I don't know anyone who thinks the war on Iraq was a good idea. Nor anyone who'd rather have Bush lower their fat cat pockets than act in a sane and humane manner. Much less the kind of blind nincompoop who thinks John Ashcroft will make the world safer for their children or anyone else.

Most of my friends are much brighter than the majority. Some brighter than the average smart person. Political passion seems to make their sharp minds fuzzy. Their analysis of the motives and policies of those they disapprove of take on shades of conspiracy theory. Their Pavolivian liberalism makes them almost the parodies those who disagree with them say they are. Not that the folks on the other side aren't at least equally cartoonish.

Gay marriage has involved me.

Not that Charles and I are hankering to tie our knot in a church (he's a fourth generation. liturgical organist but I'm a godless atheist). Naturally if he asked me to I'd stroll down the aisle. We should have as much right to spout gibberish as the hets.

A civil union would be my style. I want to make sure my beloved gets my property. I'd hate to think some backwoods relative who drinks crankcase oil for a buzz might emerge to challenge his right to the not very impressive accumulation of worldly goods I have to leave him.

And I fear the silent sleeping ignoramus is about to awake. Happy people living secular lives with a sort of vague notion there's a Mr. Nice Guy floating up above who'll take them off to an eternal vacation paradise. They don't really know how many ignorant, Bible believing people there are in this country.

Funny thing is most of the Jesus-maniacs do not vote. They've never voted. Sadly a variety of things may be pushing them to the polls in 2004.

Their symbols have been attacked by my fellow atheists. I don't much care if the Ten Commandments are displayed. Or if "under God" is in the pledge of allegiance (hell, I stopped repeating it when I was still a kid in school). This petty gibberish doesn't enslave people's minds. Taking them away upsets the faithful mightily.

Weirdly, sadly legitimizing the lives of two people of the same sex who love each other scares John and Jane Moron far more than our nights of sodomy. Fools that they are they'd rather picture us spending out nights in tireless pursuits of available cocks and butts (nothing wrong with that) than cuddling up to watch a movie together. Or getting to visit our sick lover in the hospital or leaving him our possessions once we're in the grave.

Political managers of all stripes are a cold lot. The Republicans see that if they'd like to get more of the 'right thinking,' ultimately right-wing God-crazed, born again Bible-kissers out voting in 2004 that all they need to do is say "married queers."

The lives of gay men and women have steadily improved throughout my lifetime. Nothing, nothing at all says that the trend will continue. Civility and decency can easily collapse if the unlovely majority is inflamed.

When something good happens don't assume it is a trend. Or even if it is that it can't be reversed tomorrow.

Just because they don't live near you, don't appear on your TV doesn't mean the tens of millions of hellfire and damnation fearing fools don't have political power and wouldn't be thrilled to control your life.

Otherwise the entry title says it all.


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