Queer sexuality as a cult

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The tinker-toy view of sex:

As it happens, a man and a woman go together in a way blush, blush that same-sex couples find utterly impossible and always will. There must be a reason, right?

How about a quirk of evolutionary history.

You can say, of course, so what? Marriage for the non-procreative, ah. Why should that be skin off the nose of the procreative? Because to contradict the underlying reason for marriage is to ask who needs this thing anyway. Its purpose becomes no purpose: Just a thing you might do if you felt like it and not do if you didn't. Procreation becomes in that event, oh, just a sideline.

Better a sideline than the sideshow it often looks like when you see procreators and their biological produce in public.

The matrix of the gay-union culture is the abortion culture, which actively promotes sterility and the refusal of procreation.

Guess he's been reading Jennifer Roback Morse.

William Murchison, The cult of non-procreation

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Sodomitical Polity
Queer sexuality as a cult
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