Queers are unhealthy

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Decades of my life summed up by a Bush Republican in Georgia.

Gay men do not live for a long time. They have a lot of disease. It's a moral issue, but also a health issue

Maybe Andrew Sullivan can go down and help him pull the lever in the voting booth.

Christian foot soldiers battle for Bush


Great article! Certainly a lot of evangelically skewed news coming out of Georgia lately. If they’d just read their Bibles, maybe they wouldn’t keep acting and sounding like ignoramuses; but they probably think those passages are meant to be taken figuratively, or worse yet, they don’t read it because their pastor tells them it would only confuse them. It’s interesting that sheep and goats are so close genetically, but goats always lead the sheep.

I need to work on reading this sort of article and not getting angry. I’m a heterosexual man, but this kind of closed-mindedness stews me sometimes. But then I sigh and realize we have to share the world with everyone and I should work on embracing all people. And then I sigh again and the other side of myself reminds me that I don’t have to tolerate injustice. And then another side asks, “yes, but exactly what form should the intolerance of injustice take? In other words: okay you’re stewed; what now?” Oh, I don’t know.

You have what most people have: a vote.

And if you hear somebody repeat such silly trash you can tell him there are plenty of us who live quite happy lives.

Your feelings?

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Queers are unhealthy
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