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Recently I watched yet another silly gay movie the title of which is unimportant. This bit of queer cinema fluff seemed built on two assumptions that surprised me.

Only Anal Sex is Real Sex

To be honest, if you are talking about genital sex and me having an orgasm that is true. And until I stopped publishing their comments used to get me all sorts of nasty messages posted on this site.

I simply can’t deny that I want to be top of a guy, on the inside pumping and pounding. Being fellated is merely pleasant. Fellating is much better because I get to lead.

But many gay men prefer or only perform oral sex or frotting. Anal sex violates their excrement taboo or hurts them. And they are as happy with their preference as I am mine.

The only reason I could imagine gay men coming to assume that it isn’t valid sex if it isn’t anal is their being corrupted by the current heterosexual youth culture that treats fellatio as a sex that in some mysterious way that doesn’t count.

Ashamed to Bottom

In the movie the young gay guys all assert they are tops. Given how demanding and greedy many a bottom can be that just seems laughable. Preposterous.

Again, I could only imagine this being some species of heterosexual contamination in which gay males suddenly felt compelled to claim they only prefer the - oh my god, yuck - straight male role. There are plenty of proudly butch bottoms. I have to assume this was just invented by the people who made the movie.

If as gay men we have one blessing it is to do whatever we enjoy without guilt or foolish gender hang-ups..


I am a bottom and “butch altho i am not fond of labels and I prefer anal it is more fulfilling to me

There’s never been a shortage of masculine guys who feel that way which is much of the reason the movie baffled me.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Real Gay Sex.

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