Should Anti-Gay Religious Practices Be Accommodated in the Workplace?

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Hewlett Packard fired an employee for refusing to remove a homophobic poster from his work space. The homophobe sued claiming religious discrimination.

From an article on Findlaw:

The case of Peterson v. Hewlett Packard Co. arose when, in an effort to increase tolerance at the workplace, Hewlett-Packard Co. ("HP") put up posters of African-American, Hispanic, Caucasian, elderly, and gay employees, with the caption "Diversity is Our Strength." Employee Richard Peterson found the poster of the gay man offensive to his religious views. In response, he put up a counter-poster with various Biblical passages condemning homosexuality. The poster, placed inside his cubicle, was visible to co-workers and clients.

HP repeatedly asked Peterson to take down the poster, but to no avail. After several failed attempts at arriving at a mutually satisfactory resolution of the conflict, HP ultimately fired Peterson. The firm argued that allowing an employee's visible, anti-gay messages to remain in place would unduly undermine its efforts to foster a diverse and tolerant workplace.

Peterson sued. He claimed that in requiring him to take down his poster, HP had violated the law against religious discrimination. ...

Sherry F. Colb, When Types of Discrimination Compete for Legal Recognition


Paterson is the one who should be sued. I myself would have enjoyed posting anti-hetero stuff, especially with their overpopulating habits wrecking our planet, where I work. Peterson forgets that his religion is offensive to many reasonable people.

I know the only reason that heteros have to hate homos is their fear of it. However, conveniently, long ago someone added in the bible that homosexuality was a sin so this is why it is not religiously or politically tolerated. What is the solution to this? Most gay folks that I know are too peaceful and intelligent to use violence or sneaky methods to get their way so we are just attacked and oppressed by these really unhappy people that we have to obey such as police and presidents. I, for one am actually grateful that I am not by nature a breeder, I would NEVER bring a child into this world.

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Should Anti-Gay Religious Practices Be Accommodated in the Workplace?
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