Ted Haggard : Ha Ha Ha!!!!

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Fundamentalist mastermind, professional homophobe Ted Haggard says:

“There is part of my life that is so repulsive and dark that I’ve been warring against it all of my adult life,” he said in the letter.

I have something similar in my life. But it is beautiful and bright and I’ve been cultivating it all of my adult life.

Ted Haggard’s involuntary outing is to be celebrated. I hope every closeted person who uses their influence and power to diminish the lives of those who openly enjoy their sexuality and romantic affinities is exposed.

Given the misery and suffering they’ve imposed on many of my friends and lovers I have no pity for the bogus morality cops’ loss of prestige and money.

No empathy, no kind wishes for their future. I’m delighted to gloat at their fate.

Good riddance.


Maybe the darkness to which he refers is the duality. Maybe not - I don’t know

I don’t think Pastor Haggard is quite that subtle. It is just his disgusting shame in taking pleasure in another man’s body and spending a lifetime hiding that.

You know what’s funny? When I seen him on T.V. or on the book covers, I always thought he had a nice Cocksuckers’ Lips…

His secret duality gave him the drive to over compensate for his hidden nature. It amazing how far someone can run and still have it catch up to him.

I pray that this will teach him that God’s grace is for everyone, and that no man is more deserving than the next.

Great take on it all…


It will be interesting to see if Haggard can ever come to terms with his real sexual needs or he will force himself to conform to the irrational notion of normality that he preached.

I rather suspect the latter but wouldn’t mind at all being surprised. If he went around speaking in favor of same-sex rights that would drive the fundies just crazy.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Ted Haggard : Ha Ha Ha!!!!.

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Ted Haggard : Ha Ha Ha!!!!
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