The Rainbow Sash Movement is Pathetic

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Silly homos think they can convince the Roman Catholic hierarchy. (If you are new to this weblog let me make it clear that I’m a homo, just not a religious one.)

Face it gay Catholics. You really aren’t wanted. As priests you won’t be tolerated.

I can’t, I’ll confess feel all that sympathetic. You were raised Roman Catholic but want to cling to this old balderdash.

Why? Nostalgia. Hanging on to childhood conditioning. It isn’t as if you’ve ever really been wanted by any of the Popes (except perhaps as lovers by in closeted church prehistory).

If you need to believe in the spooky Jesus magic do what entire countries once did: leave, schism.

Join a liberal part of the Anglican Communion. Like the American Episcopalian Church. Given the grief they’ve put up with they deserve you loyalty more than the tired, tedious old men in Rome.

The Rainbow Sash Movement (National Organization of Gay and Lesbian Catholics) will be sending a delegation to the National Council of Catholic Bishops (NCCB) Fall Meeting in November. Additionally, we will be attending the Plenary Liturgy at the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Our purpose is to call for dialogue, and ask the Bishops to focus on who could be harmed by their decisions rather than simply counting who is in favor and who is against the Church’s position on homosexuality. We feel the Bishops need to expand their current horizon of theological development about Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Persons, and say no to witch hunts against gay priests and gay seminarians.

Catholic Bishops Meet Queer Catholics aka Rainbow Sash Movement in Washington DC in November


Someone once commented that being a gay Catholic is like being a black Ku Klux Klanner. I agree that nostalgia and childhood conditioning often make for these stubborn attachments in the adult lives of gay catholics. But aren’t the heel-diggers kinda sorta noble, if precisely because Quixotic, for remaining in the war zone with fellow fighters? How can we dismiss a group of like-minded sufferers determined to wave the sexto-colored banner in the faces of the church’s priggish power elite, to push for change? Most of these sash-wearing Catholics are well aware what they are up against, but somehow find the battle worth the price in knock-downs. It might not seem worth it to others. What’s the big difference between that and the GLBT marches at Wash. D.C.? That all started with a few ‘pathetic” signholding Mattachiners a few decades ago. Besides, there can be no doubt that someday the church, just like every other human institution, will change with the times, if it survives long enough. Still, while I support the sash activists in their windmill-battering, I would not waste my own time in joining them…to quote Torch Song Trilogy, “I care…but not enough.”

Your feelings?

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The Rainbow Sash Movement is Pathetic
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