They know they'll never be queer

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Sometimes the dark or perhaps dim side overcomes me and I visit Andrew Sullivan's famous weblog. One of his readers offered this possible explanation for why denunciations spring so readily from the tongue of Christian Fundamentalists:

But on homosexuality, of course, the church is righteously indignant. I have come to believe that this is so because for the vast majority of heterosexual Christians, homosexuality is the one sin that they are certain they will never commit. Murderous thoughts, adulterous hearts, sure. But never homosexuality. And that is why they point fingers. #

Plausible I thought, though only for a moment. Surely no one deplores evangelical Christianity more than I do. Even I don't think the reason murder isn't the hottest sermon topic 2004 comes from a sense of themselves as murders. Murder is the one act we all agree is wrong. There is no Murderer Liberation Front.

I'd rather not speculate about their adulterous hearts.

Many (most?) heterosexual men feel a genuine revulsion at the notion sex with another man. Back when I was in the 'escort business' I remember a boy at a competing service who vomited when a man went down on him. Funnily enough the guy felt ashamed that he couldn't handle it.

You can't talk about this without a passing acknowledgement of the dimly perceived latent homoeroticism that powers much homophobia. The fear behind the hatred is real but we'll know its proportion to the whole. No good comes from oversimplifying out enemies' motivations.

Somewhere in the collective semiconscious is the need for a pariah.. All dissatisfactions, personal failings, confusion can be focused on the pariah. Someone on whom everything can be blamed, if only they were gone life would be clean and happy.

Tens of millions of Americans unhappy with themselves, bewildered by the world around them have turned us queer folk into their scapegoat.


I just don’t remember anywhere in Christianity where God explicity calls anyone to stop questioning and come up with human-created ideologies. Ultimately, it is personal.

There’s loads about false doctrine, false preachers, unclean people &etc. Not that I think it matters. Basing your life and trying to define others by a ragbag of ancient folklore is as foolish as it is ineradicable.

Talk with these evangelical fundies (something I don’t care to do much of) and you find them comparing gays - not just their ‘sin’ - to the most heinous of criminals. Pedophiliacs, rapists, and murderers being their most gleeful comparisons.

I’ve never understood such bigotry, even though I grew up with it.

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They know they'll never be queer
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