Vatican Denounces Pansexual Culture

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I can only wonder what the masterminds in the Vatican think pansexual culture is. Is this some slapdash attempt to say gay without being homophobic.

The Vatican said the continued increase in AIDS and HIV is fueled in part by a “pansexual culture” that reduces sexual activity to mere pleasure.

The safe way to prevent sexual transmission of the disease is to practice sexuality within the context of marriage, said the Vatican’s annual message for the Dec. 1 World AIDS Day.

The message did not mention condoms in AIDS prevention. In the past, the Vatican has opposed condom campaigns, saying they do not truly protect against transmission of the disease and may end up encouraging promiscuous sexual activity.

Dimly I can remember when I thought the Roman Catholic Church an indifferent or even sometimes - birth control aside - benign institution. But saying prophylactics don’t work is more apt to make people forgo using them than quit having sex.

A lesson these professional celibates will seemingly never learn.

‘Pansexual culture’ fuels increase in AIDS/HIV, says Vatican message

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Vatican Denounces Pansexual Culture
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