Will Queers Burn In Hell?

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An ex-gay evangelist addresses the issue of Jesus and gay people:

“That is simply not a true statement,” Wilkins said. “Now a true statement would be the Bible does not record Jesus speaking on the issue of homosexuality. It is also true the Bible does not record Jesus speaking on domestic abuse, rape or incest.”

This character went seventeen years without sex until he finally found a woman to marry. Since we (thankfully) aren’t privy to their private life we can only speculate about the quality of that relationship.

If homosexuals are unable to make the conversion to heterosexuality, they should be celibate and seek a relationship with Jesus, Wilkins said.

I pity any gay man who tries to ‘convert’ to heteosexuality. His suggestion reminds me of this nutty Christian woman who slept with several bibles in her bed.

Gay theology?

“Gay theology is a reinterpretation of scripture to say what scripture does not really say,” he said.

Sounds like all theology to me.

He was oddly shy about one issue:

He would not answer whether or not un-repented homosexuals go to hell.

What really matters:

One student said, “Such ministries and conversion tactics further depression amongst gays.”

It is sad to think of gay men and women still in thrall to these silly ancient superstitions.

Baptist advocates conversion to heterosexuality

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