Would you come out to your pediatrician?

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You can't argue with the general tenor of this.

The report states that pediatricians are not responsible for identifying gay and lesbian youth, but they should create a clinical environment where adolescents feel safe to discuss sensitive personal issues, including sexuality and sexual orientation.

But as a kid did a clinical environment ever make you feel safe, relaxed? All I remember is being poked, having a sliver of glass stuck in my mouth (sign of age, I know) and being made to wait while he talked to my momma.

Now having been judged a disturbed little boy I started visiting shrinks when I was in elementary school. But the child psychologists played chess with me and gave me chocolate covered cherries in-between Rorschach tests.

Not that I ever talked with any of them about sex. Granted I felt lust by fifth grade and had sex a couple of years later (only to blank it out for many years later). But I was probably sexually retarded. And while the erotic vocabulary of a young boy today probably isn't more refined than it was back then the scope must be greatly enlarged.

According to the report, sexual orientation is not synonymous with sexual activity or sexual behavior. Especially during adolescence, individuals may participate in a variety of sexual behaviors. Many youths label themselves as gay, lesbian or bisexual if they are attracted to someone of the same sex.

This is the biggest change from my childhood to what young guys can do nowadays. I didn't have a vocabulary for queer sexuality until two friends came out to me, instantly letting me understand my own desires.

I have almost no faith in professional degree programs. But with the passage of the decades we can at least count on most pediatricians to not recommend shock therapy anymore.

Still if I didn't trust my parents to accept my sexuality I don't think I'd tell the white coated stranger anything.

Adolescents Should Feel Safe Discussing Sexual Orientation With Their Pediatrician

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Pansexual Sodomite
Sodomitical Polity
Would you come out to your pediatrician?
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