Thanks for unanticipated kindess

If you are me and able to complicate any social transaction one of life's difficulty's can be trying to find the right words for thanking someone for kindness.

This is a sign of my ability of over intellectualize anything (which makes me blush because I think doing that is a great personal failing - in other people you understand). And the social uncertainty someone like myself who has spent perhaps too much of his life among but apart from other people.

You have second thoughts? I have quadruple thoughts. What could be easier than thanking someone for cooking you a nice meal. Ah, but that is so trite. Still just saying "Thanks, that was great." is all that is expected or needed. Expressed appreciation is a simple exercise in the civility that keeps us from being barbarians.

I've been on the other side of the social equation. And I feel distinctly uncomfortable when someone struggles to repay some kindness, even if it is only empathy. What is freely given is to be freely accepted. But a doffing of the cap and a bow are worthwhile gestures. Or were in a more courtly time. Here in the icily efficient modern age we can make our thanks with more dispatch. Or you can. I can't.

Discovering that kind Michael, a weblogger I've never met, on reading of my recent predicaments had used PayPal to send me $50 for the second time I thought I should at least type away, perhaps like a fool, in my effort to express my thanks with my own 21st century equivalent of a courtly bow.

Many thanks, Michael.

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Thanks for unanticipated kindess
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