The Patty Duke Show Season I

I’ve watched only the first disc of The Patty Duke Show Season I.

The lack of twin humor was a real surprise. No mistaken identity plots, sequences of the girls pretending a doorway is a mirror.

Patty seems an unusually undisciplined, heedless teenage girl and perhaps the worst student among teen girls of that period of sitcoms. This is offset by Kathy being studious, respectful, verging on dowdy.

Kathy’s exceptional restraint allows for greater excess than the audience might otherwise have tolerated in those willfully na´ve, socially restrictive times.

I haven’t found The Patty Duke Show that rewarding a venture into nostalgia. Not sure when or if I’ll send for the other DVDs.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about The Patty Duke Show Season I.

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The Patty Duke Show Season I
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