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Having eight weblogs means that at least one will inevitably be neglected from time to time.

Today's the shop's 21st birthday. The date never registers until somebody reminds me that the Labor Day weekend is upon us. In the era of downsizing, temps, contract workers hard to imagine many workers celebrating except those lucky folks who are employed at CostCo.

Gordon, my partner, showed me the black and white today. August 2004 was the worst we've had in the many year's he's been keeping records.

Used book sales were awful. It was a mix of very low in shop traffic and online orders dropping off.

As were new comic books. Against August last year and last month we spend more and sold less.

The last four days have been reassuring. Today especially since we sold a couple of fairly expensive books. One of those equals selling dozens of the more ordinary books.


Happy Anniversary to the shop and its proprietors! Here’s wishing you continuous success for many, many years!

Congratulations on many years! Many more, if you want them.

Sales are down for everybody, it seems. As my friend in New Zealand says, “Keep your pecker up!” (But I myself would never say that.)

— Sean

Congratulations! Trade is much the same here in the UK, but we hope to celebrate our 25th next year. Bookshops are still important, because as a colleague commented, ‘Its just not possible to fall in love with books on the internet’.

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