A very short story

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<em>Chapter 1
We were flying at 4424 feet when the thunderstorm hit, immediately we rose to 0100 feet then plummeted again down to 3362 feet the altimeter went crazy. Qnims are like that.

Chapter 2
Finally we levelled out at around 4335 feet, we were all tired . It had been a grim October day this the year four of the new millennium.</em>

Some folks send their credit card number in a single email. Like me they don’t think there’s a hacker mastermind out there siphoning off millions of emails scanning them for credit card numbers. At the other end are the people who won’t even use our secure server and only give the information over the phone or mail it to us.

The third class tries to outwit their fears with clumsy cunning. Some just split the number over two or three emails. Sometimes they’ll add an extra touch of confusion: Four 4 Two 4. The chapters quoted above comprise the most complicated effort we’ve received.

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Pansexual Sodomite
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A very short story
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