Garfield (of all the damned things)

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Jim Davisí products leave me cold. Iíve never made an effort to keep Garfield books in stock; they are cheap and common.

Too often I find a customer asking for a book that Iíve stopped buying because I assume we already have enough if not too many copies. A kid was looking for Garfield books a few weeks ago. We were out. Two days later a young girl came in with a stack. Although I never expected the boy whoíd wanted them to ever return I bought them.

Today the boy was back today and bought one. He seemed really happy to find it. As little as I care for Garfield it did remind me of how kind the man behind the counter at Lamas Brothers Newsstand in Savannah was when I came into buy my comics every week.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Garfield (of all the damned things).

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Garfield (of all the damned things)
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