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I hate November. Or October. Mostly November.

Sales suddenly vanish a couple of times a year. Ever since we opened February has been the worst month for walk-in sales (which used to be the only kind we once had). When Durham, NC gets snowy and icy the citizens hide. All too the good, most people here are lousy drivers when the streets get either thick or slick.

For the last several years out comic book sales all but die during October or November. It is never consistent making it damned hard to plan for. A comic that sold twenty copies in the prior month and will again in the next will bafflingly drop to fifteen. We either lose money or make no money. Since we'll have to pay taxes on the income, shipping and time it took to handle the comics we lose money both ways.

Even thought November has always been a slow month for us I never get used to it. Too easy too imagine business never picking up again and financial doom staring us in the face (much as Starvation did to Woody Woodpecker in an old cartoon).

Easily it is forgotten that I've been through this for years. Now I can add on the extra fear that one-day the dematerialization of words and sounds that the internet offers is upon us with violence and we're doomed.

But tomorrow comes, one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

It isn't as big to us as the Wal-Martians and mall stores. We sell to the few, maybe not the select few but not the average bohunk. And we're on a side street. We'll see extra cash from holiday shoppers (myself, you couldn't get me into a mall, Wal-Mart or Costco without a gun and a grim face) but not as much as the conventional merchants.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Holiday shopping.

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