My book is too tall

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A not unheard of question from someone browsing our stock online.

The following inquiry was provided by this customer:
This might seem like a crazy question, but I'm wondering how tall
this book is. I have a hardcover edition which is too tall for a
new bookshelf so I'm looking for a cheap paperback. Thanks!

It is a 'trade paperback' an uncomely way of saying it is almost as big as hardcover. In this case the paperback is about an inch shorter.

He could shelve his hardback with the opening facing down. Not the best way to treat the binding but doesn't matter with many books. Or have place on his shelves where a stack of taller books lie on their side.

If he has the room he could have two bookcases. Even though is a work of American social history the hardcover is cheaper online than the paperback.

Sometimes we get people asking for books of specific color and height. Contents are irrelevant if the books match. Illiterates who use books as home décor.

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My book is too tall
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