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An odd little Nigerian scam that is hitting online book dealers:

Goodday, I will like to inform you that i will want you to make an order for me. 15 pieces of franklin electronic bibles:King James Version (KJV) ISBN No: 1567125336, and 40 pieces of Ultra Trim Bible: King James Version (KJV), burgundy bonded leather with snap flap ISBN No:0529075229 and kindly give me the total cost including shiping cost to oversea via DHl.After this i will remit my credit card information for payment,and i hope this information includuded will make it easier for you and the goods will be shipped to this address below. Thanks and God bless, Address:33 okesuna street City:Lagos island State:Lagos state Country:Nigeria Tel 8023525478 Zip code:23401 Await your urgent reply. Merry Xmax. Best regard. SAMUEL ICE.

They either request shipment via COD or use a credit card that later turns out to be stolen.

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I work in a bookstore and received a phone order for 50 copies of a very expensive ($87.95) medical book. This order was relayed to me by an operator who was supposedly assisting a deaf person. It was an international call according to the operator. The name sounded suspicious (Phill Robot)and as the call progressed I was able to ascertain that a phone number he supplied was bogus. He gave me a Kansas City address but the books were going to Nigeria. He supplied me with a visa number and expiration date. I have seen plenty of email orders, usually for bibles, originating from Nigeria and have never acted on one. He said they had a UPS contract and the books would be picked up from our store. I told him that I would have to run the order past my boss and I would contact him within 24 hours. (He had supplied me with a generic Yahoo email address.) After hanging up with him I called visa and was directed to that particular credit card’s provider. The man I spoke with thought it suspicious enough to cancel the card even though it had not as yet been reported missing or stolen. What I would like to know is how do they make enough money off the books on their end to make this scam profitable?


In a poor country a small amount of money makes a bigger difference in someone’s life.

At my shop we the suspicious orders are from people buying books for themselves with stolen cards. Aside from the provenance of the orders they always choose the exceedingly expensive Global Express Mail for shipping. Usually they are buying rock music books. One fellow even used ‘stolen credit card’ as his email address.

i too work at a bookstore. the scam is that they purchase the bibles with stolen credit cards and then sell them on the black market in nigeria. we just got hit with this scam the other day, and in the course, turned over 3 stolen credit card numbers. you can place a ban on relay calls to your phone line, which is not the same as TDD calls that the deaf use.

I am a relay operator. We handle both state relay service and internet relay service . The relay service is legit , however since it is available on the internet , it is accessible for everyone world wide. It is intended for deaf and hard of hearing USA citizens but we can not control who uses the service. You can block “INTERNET RELAY calls” by dialling 1 888 288 2182. Tell them your number and that you want a special treatment window blocking incoming internet relay service calls. This will not block “STATE” relay calls such as pennsylvania relay, maryland relay, new jersey relay, california relay etc. If the person is truly deaf they will hang up and use a state relay service.The difference between the two, internet and state relay is that when a person calls through state relay service we can see the phone number and state that they are calling from and also that they are using a tty/tdd to communicate. With internet relay service we see a generic back number that identifies all calls made through the IP relay. we have no idea what country, phone number, or even IP address they are coming from which is why the so called fraudsters choose to use our service. its completely anonymous. Hope this tip helps.

Hello. Very bad of the nigerians, To do such a very bad attitude at this time. But on the otherhand, I blame them not cause the president of there country is not making things bearable for them. The Present Government set up in nigeria , is making life more misrable for them. Besides, I think there is a way to stop all this, which is calling the President of nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo to a conference. And telling him to provide adequate Job for people seeking & providing finances to the less privilege ones , I believe with this , there will be a total change of the Disorder. One more thing. I will want you to help the nigerians by Quitting President OLUSEGUN OBASANJO on the throne.

i am a relay operator as well and there are several variations on this same scam. although when a shipment does come through to nigeria, the scammer may do with the merchandise as he pleases, another scam includes smaller stores and paying with a bogus cashiers check. the scammer will make the amount out to be significantly more than the cost. they will make up some excuse as to why they are doing this and ask you to send the rest back to them via western union. once the check clears you have the money and think that everything went through fine and are wondering why they are in such a rush for you to wire the money. that is until the check for 5,000 dollars to pay for 3,000 dollars worth of merchandise is processed and proves phony and you are already out of 2,000 and owe the bank the balance.

you can readily notice the nigerian/ghanian scammers as they will begin with : i WILL like to place an order. most people would say i want or i would like. next, a typical relay caller will begin to respond once the operator has completed typing…not the case in scam calls. the person usually has so many windows open that he cannot keep track of the conversations or reply quickly enough. since they can’t keep track of the conversations, they will announce “hello are you there” several times in the conversation after you have been waiting on their response.

Happens to us at leats 3 times a month via TTY relay calls. We have stopped accepting relay calls completely because of the time waste involved. Simply tell the operator “WE ARE CLOSED.” They gave us 1 credit card that authourised and one that was a completely fake number and asked to send books and they would contact us back with a good cc #

Hi everybody,

Here is another email order we received this morning. Note that it begins with the identical phrase as Samuel Ice’s example in the first post. I don’t think I will be processing this order anytime soon.

Cheers, Matt


I will like to inform you that i will intend to order for list books in your bookstore for Our medical student in Olabisi Onabanjo University located in West African.

I will be glad and happy if you can please special order the textbooks for me and this is stated below.

Robbins Pathologic Basis of Disease, ISBN: 072167335X Author: Ramzi S. Cotran, Tucker Collins, Vinay Kumar Publisher: Elsevier Science Format: Hardcover, Edition Number: 6 (30 copies)

Textbook of Medical Physiology ISBN: 072168677X Author: Arthur C. Guyton, John E. Hall publisher:Elsevier Science Format: Hardcover, 1150pp Edition Description: 10 ED Edition Number: 10 (30 copies)

I want you to kindly give me the total cost of the books and the shipping cost to Nigeria via Global Mall or Air fright.And if you can not handle the international shipment, i will arrange the shipping myself by UPS pickup service and they will come and pick it up in your store.

I hope this information includuded will make it easier for you and the goods will be shipped to this address below.

Address:33 okesuna street City:Lagos island State:Lagos state Country:Nigeria Tel:2348034737867 Zip code:23401

Thank you and God bless,Await your urgent reply.

Jean Scott.

I am a nigerian and i agree with all the rspondents that the activities of scammers are harming the image of nigerians all over the world. It ruins the chances of other nigerians, based in Nigeria, with legitimate credit cards from doing transactions online. However the nigerian government is doing a lot through the activities of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission

I’ll have to confess that the effect on legitimate Nigerian businesses all the spammers would have.

I am a nigeria who is based in france . please i want to help in curbing scam via the net. it is really spoilin the image of we out side the country. please send me a reply 1. how can i help in conrolling and reduce the volumethis scammers 2. how can i decode a scammer’s email for fales transaction 3. there some deaf people who will like to make calls into the usa. how can u help this people out

I have received similar e-mails, asking to buy beads from me, and purportedly coming from Nigeria. One I followed through, just to see what they were really after .. soon transferred their interest to a top of the range lap-top computer ( as well as the beads, of which types are readily available in Nigeria ) and with expense seemingly no problem, Credit card payment was offered .. but I would only take a PayPal payment, whereupon they tried to get me to register them with a PayPal account from oustide Africa.

That is when I told them to go forth and multiply !!

It would be good to know if some organisation is at least trying to catch these scammers and would post an e-mail address to where these bogus order e-mails could be forwarded to .. to be dealt with.

So beware all businesses .. it is NOT just books they are interested in and it doesn’t always end there.

We recently received an urgent request for 14Kt gold crosses to be used by the recipient in the distribution of bibles to the newly converted, in, of all places, Denmark. Rev. Kane and Rev. Wallace, both practically illiterate writers, wanted the crosses fast by UPS Global Priority! And they wanted 30 pieces (with a retail value of about $3,000). After we asked them to send us a bank check, we didn’t hear from them. So, it’s definitely not just books.

Forget Nigeria, try Ghana book scam!

If you get an e-mail ordering a large quantity of your books, with or without a company name, telephone number, address from a B. Jarne to be shipped FEDEX as soon as possible to Ghana, Nigeria, or Togo, please note this is a scam. The person(s) placing the order will provide you with lots of stolen credit card information.

We received the following


The 70 copies above book and these are needed for our client: Attn:Joseph Morgan, The Morgan & Co. Engineering,

6th Kojo Thompson St.

Adabraka, Accra-Ghana. Tel:0244-292318.

Indicate how you want us send payment for this order. Sincerely, B. Jarne.

THIS IS NOT PART OF BJARNE’S BOOKS IN CANADA. Again, this is a scam that has taken some ‘savvy’ publishers for a lot of money, including Cambridge Press. Be aware and be careful. I don’t understand how they make money off of technical books in English???

An taxi driver from Africa told me that often young men who’ve come to America to go to college send there old text books back because there is a huge need for technical books even if they are out of date.

i am telling you,all this dubious activities.engaged upon by nigerians are perpetuated by youths of between age 17 and 26. and the reason being the economic instability caused by the leaders in nigeria.i so much feel ashamed as a nigerian whenever this issue is talked about.but i am sure that the EFCC economic and financial crime commision is doing a lot in curbing,this ugly acts.and in a very short period of time.i am sure i twont be heard of again.i just plead for all the victims of the dirty acts… Ola onikoyi GErmany…………

lets be realistic here everyone likes their piece of the pie everyone likes to earn their dollar.

however, if u ever pick up the phone and hear hi this is sam jones from nigeria and ….. just hang up oh yeah the opr will redial because the nigerians will tell them to and they are bound by the rules of the fcc regarding relay communication

but a little common sence goes a long way if you sell things that people would not normally purchase sight unseen then dont sell them to them sure a hammer is probably a hammer but a wedding dress? cmon thats something that someone will want to visually inspect prior to purchase.

If anyone ever offers to send ups to ur store so that u dont have to ship to nigeria this should send up a huge red flag

this is a good one…. if you run a music store that sells instruments chances are a deaf person is probably not going to buy digital keyboards or saxophones

items currently on their buy list

Vitamins Blood pressure monitors Air pumps Latex baloons T shirts in various colours Men chains Wedding dresses Tennis Rackets Digital keyboards Computer mice Saxophones Golf clubs

the list goes on im sure im forgetting things

oh another warning siren… when u get a call asking for product x and u inform them that u dont carry it and they ask “well what do u sell” use a little common sence

ask for a fax of the credit card ask for a picture id to be faxed with the card ask the bank the card is from, ask for the billing info hell if u own a music shop and ur selling a ukulele to a deaf person in nigeria over the phone via credit card ask them if they even know what a ukulele is

They will ALWAYS give u an email address too what are u stupid? DONT USE EMAIL TO SELL GOODS! cmon duh

oh and one more thing due to a flaw in the design of internet relay its possible for a single user to have upwards of a dozen calls going if it takes someone 15 minutes to type ok yeah theyre probably fraud callers

another key phrase well no specific phrase but there is always a sence of urgency to run the credit card immediately i assume both because they want a confirmation nbr and because time is probably against them when using stolen card numbers



I am actually a relay opr that gets numerous callers who are originating in Nigeria and scamming people in the US. As an opr we cannot do anything about the calls except to follow the regular relay protocal. It is very frustrating as the opr knowing what is going on. The nigerians will give out bad/stolen credit card numbers and want u to ship out to nigeria. The worst part is that it is giving relay a bad rap and actual deaf people are not able to get through because business owners often will not accept the relay calls because of experience with a nigerian scam call. The scams are not limited to books and such but a whole range of items including vitamins to wedding dresses so it is effecting the whole country. I wish there was more that the relay service could do to prevent these scam artists from continuing these calls. The scams actually are coming in by the hundreds each day at the relay center and are tying up our lines from the ones who really need it. Please be aware and spread the word so no more scams are completed! Thank You

Yes, Our friend Jean Scott is apparently also into Inkjet Printer cartridges, and has also apparently moved a little down the street to #40 on Okesuna Street in Lagos Island.
The whole scam has very little variation, and i wish more people were clued into it, in all walks of business. I feel for the small business owner who thinks he has the biggest order of the year, and is actually destroying his business by helping the “customer” out. As well, i feel for the operator on the relay; the next one i get, if i don’t have the calls blocked by then, i’m gonna have some fun with them. The operator, that is. I’d like to send out a sizable electrical shock to the guy on the other end.

not book, but sunglasses. we got hit with the same relay call wanting 10 pair of high end sunglasses - site unseen. next was the ” bill an extra $700 to the card, on top of almost $3,000, because my wife has cancer and needs an operation tommorow or will die”. when challanged, the ante goes down, back to “ok., just send the sunwear”. sounds like the goods would have been shipped and the payment denied. watch out.

I just wanted to add, the Nigerians do NOT have access to TTY machines. If you get a call and the opr says you’re getting a call from Relay (state) bla bla then the person on the line may not be deaf, but they ARE NOT using the Internet calling sites. The internet sites are the ONLY places the Nigerians can use. It is illegal to hang up on a call simply becuz it says Relay. That’s discrimination to the deaf community and if you get a truly deaf customer on the phone, and you hear Relay and you interrupt and say, I’m sorry we don’t accept relay calls, just be informed that by the ADA that is illegal and most deaf people will call you back and tell you OR they will just simply file a discrimination complaint. The operators don’t argue if you do that, becuz we’re tired of doing the fraud calls, but if you get a deaf person, they will mind that and you could get in BIG trouble.

The SAFEST thing you can do to avoid getting scammed (businesses are not allowed to put a block on ANY relay service thru the provider I work for) is if you believe it is a scam, say I believe this is a scam and am disconneting the call. If you are truly NEED relay, please call us back through your STATE BASED TTY SERVICE.

There are no guarantees that a tty call is legit anymore than if a voice person called you saying they had their wife’s card number. Identity theft isn’t limited to Nigerians so you should always take precautions when dealing with any credit card not present sale whether it’s STATE relay, Internet relay, voice people, email, fax, or any other mediam.

If you pass any information along to your friends, coworkers, employees, and competing business, tell everyone

  1. it is illegal to hang up only cause you hear the word relay, that’s discrimination if the person is truly deaf.

  2. if in the course of the conversation, had the conversation been a voice call (normal) and you wld have been able to say, i think you’re scamming me and i’m hanging up, you can do that to a relay call. essentially, by the rules, they are the same. if your company policy says you can hang up had this been a voice caller, you can hang up on relay just the same.

  3. nigerians do not have tty machines. if you want to refuse all internet relay calls (announced ip relay, sprint relay (some oprs say sprint relay online, and i don’t know att’s announcement) then your safest bet is to say something like “at this time we do not accept relay calls placed from the internet due to a high volume of fraud. please call us back through your state based TTY service and we will be glad to try and assist you” or some other such politely worded thing asking them to use the “state based tty service”

  4. always remember “state based tty svc”

do a web search on “nigerians using ip relay” and you will find LOTS of good information. the best written article is in the baltimore city paper website and I don’t have a link to it right now to include. another is a forum where some mad operators go to vent what their employers force them to do daily. it’s like being slaves to pranksters and fraudsters and it’s demoralizing and dehumanizing to the point where dr’s are telling people, if you don’t quit, you will stress yourself to death.

I hope this has helped everyone, pls pass the word and the information. print that article i mentioned and show everyone. not until the people stand up to the companies will they stop letting it happen.

—state based tty svc

i just got one of those relay calls the other day. i had no idea it was a scam—just thought it was a random occurance. luckily for me, i am an asl (american sign language) student and told my professor about the phone call. he immediately alerted me to the scam and let me know that nigeria was notorious for such calls. i called my boss to tell him to cancel the order but it was too late—he’d sent off all ten pairs of nice, new skate shoes after he said the credit card had cleared. he too knew of nigerian scams (though not via TTY) but thought all was well because the card went through. after some net research, i realize this isn’t the case, and jeez, am i pissed. not only are these scammers clogging up a service that is essential to the deaf community, but my store is tiny tiny tiny. we don’t have a lot of money to throw around—not that anybody does—on fake orders. ‘net research also found that the name this guy used—tope williams—has been used in at least one other scam. the last name williams was also cited. coincidence? i think not. am most def. calling visa and the scam hotline tommorrow. grrrr.

Operators are supposed to by law make any type of call. If the call sounds suspicious especially if they say they are from “Nigeria” or want to order in bulk most of the time it is a scam. Pls don t automatically think that bec it’s relay it’s a scam. Deaf people use this svc all the time and now bec of the scammers you all are refusing relay. Pls before u hang up or refuse make sure that it s a scam.

I just want to say that I am also a relay operator and I take state tty calls as well as ip relay based calls. It just keeps getting worse I just can’t believe that over half of the ip relay calls that I take are from nigeria!!!! My suggestion is if you suspect fraud just tell them this is fraud and I will not accept this call. It is pretty easy to identify these types of calls as they will usually state their first and last name which will be an american name and then go on to tell you they are from nigeria or want the product shiped to lagos island lagos state nigeria. This site is great this is such a wide spread problem and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better only worse at my call center.

I spend at least half my work day taking relay calls from these #&^*&%#@^ “Nigerians”. It makes the people we call irate (either they know it’s a scam, or they get pissed with the “Nigerians”’ pushiness in having their items shipped via UPS/Fedex/DHL/etc.), and it makes the relay operators irate as well. It keeps getting worse, I’m telling you…they do not know how to follow relay protocol, even if you try teaching them the right way (avoid using two “go aheads”, avoid interrupting the voice user), they continue violating the protocol and making life very irritating and difficult for us.

Example: “hello my name is john smith do you carry fuel pump q ga ga ga”

Worst of all a lot of them only give you the number when you’re a few seconds (5 and below) away from disconnecting the relay user for not supplying a number to dial within 1 minute!!! They also have this irritating tendency to disappear into thin air, especially when the voice user realizes that it’s all a scam. They sure know how to piss off relay operators…

I just hope somebody gets to the bottom of this scam once and for all…for the sake of defrauded credit card users, for the sake of those small business owners/staff who receive these calls, for the sake of us poor relay operators…

THIS JUST IN…those scammers don’t quit even on Thanksgiving…probably sensing that they haven’t gotten anywhere with the usual auto shops and pharmacies, they went for hotels, motels and inns which are usually open 24-7.

And I thought we relay ops would get a brief respite from those so-called Nigerians with American names…

Hi all,

I haven’t added to this thread in a while. I noted some of the relay operators pleas not to just hang up on these callers as there are legitimate users out there. What I did on my last call was to tell the operator that I had been getting a lot of scam calls and would not stay on the line if there were any overly long pauses and the caller didn’t get right to the point. Apparently it was a scam caller since they hung up immediately.

Cheers, Matt

Hi all,

I just got this “order” via email and it was laugh out loud funny that I had to post it here.

Would anybody really fall for this???

Matt Hello, I am by name Billy,a famous businessman in London.I am international man who have a lot of stores almost across the globe like in Canada,Italy,Germany and Nigeria.I deal in all type of Textbooks.I heard of your store from a friend who also merges with people in business internationally. It is my pleasure to merge with you and I’d like to order for some goods from your noble establishment because most of my stores are out of stocks of Textbooks.I want to order for those goods if you can ship to the following destination mentioned below……………………………………………………………………….. Canada,Italy,Germany,London and Nigeria.I want you to be aware that I want to fill up the stores in those destination mentioned if you ship there. I will be looking forward to your mail. Hope to hear from you soonest. Rgds, Billy.

Spent a third of my day today relaying scam calls from Nigeria. Thankfully those calls get spread out through the system, so the other two thirds were actually in the service of the DHH community. I hate those Nigerians, as I’m sure most relay operators do. Here are a few additional things that identify a call as a Nigerian scammer:

-They use a last name first, or last name only- i.e. “my name is Adams Michael or my name is Adams.”

  • As mentioned above, they say “I will like to order” although 9 times out of 10 you will not hear this, since relay operators are required to “translate” ASL into conversational English, and so probably “translate” the Nigerian’s poor English as well. After all, we are a federal service, and we don’t know for sure that they aren’t deaf… Well, ok we know, but we’re required by law to take the calls anyway :(

-They say “That is fine” over, and over, and over again.

-They call up small businesses and ask to buy items in unusual quantities, usually listed as “pieces” rather than using the actual quantity word (i.e. strand, or set, or pair, or whatever)

Some items that were on attempted order today:

Golf gloves Gold chains Men’s watches Vitamin E and whey protein powder

My advice- if you think it is a scam call, it probably is. Don’t let them waste your time and ours- simply state as listed above “I will not accept this call” and hang up. If we call back (and we probably will be forced to call you back at least once) just repeat “I will not accept this call” and hang up.

“If you are truly NEED relay, please call us back through your STATE BASED TTY SERVICE” is a great phrase too- that covers the DHH community while getting rid of the scammers.

Bottom-line- don’t take credit card orders over the phone; it’s sickening as a relay operator to be party to the duping of innocent people and the wrongful use of a stolen credit card. I wish I could legally just hang up on them- but if I did I’d lose my job. And I really, really like being able to assist the DHH community- I love that 70% of my job.

I am a Nigerian and you guys out there just need to get smart and be less greedy. There is poverty down here and scam is a growing industry.

Once you are stupid you get duped juast get smart.


Hi Lekan,

Your post looks to me like a classic case of blaming the victim. Most of the people on this thread are merchants who have no idea they are dealing with someone using stolen credit cards. They are not greedy, they are just filling the order. You say this is a growing industry because of the poverty in Nigeria. The word, “industry”, implies that work is being done. This sort of activity is more akin to fishing than work.


I went right along with the scam and kinda threatended him that my cuz lives there and i dont want no one to get injured and he blocked me lol

maxmai herry: Hello maxmai herry: have you call the bidpay?? invest2profit: yes i have maxmai herry: is my max invest2profit: im can’t send out the xbox until i have the money ni hand though invest2profit: u there? maxmai herry: so what do they tell you about the payment invest2profit: that its just said there is money pending on my name maxmai herry: ok that is not problem invest2profit: i need the money in hand in order 2 ship item invest2profit: becuz im having lots of offers for the 53 xbox 360s and first 1 to get money 1st to recieve it maxmai herry: the money in the account was not valid again so i will like to transfer the money to your acoount them when you recieve your money them you will shipp out ok invest2profit: i cant shit out anything until i have hard cold cash in my hands invest2profit: i usually recieve a check from bidpay when i deal with ppl from bidpay and then i caash the check and ship out item invest2profit: i have sold a total of 117 Xbox 360s like this and 57 remaining invest2profit: i mean they are going really fast invest2profit: i dont think i’ll have any left by next week maxmai herry: ok that good then i will like to transfer the moneyy to your account invest2profit: just tell them to send me a check of the amount maxmai herry: ok that good then i will like to transfer the moneyy to your maxmai herry: account invest2profit: i would rather take a check from bidpay so i can cash it maxmai herry: what do you mean about that maxmai herry: are you not sell the item to me maxmai herry: ??? invest2profit: i will sell the item once i have the money invest2profit: wats the address again? invest2profit: im gonna trust u and ship out the item, waats the addresss? maxmai herry: let me tel you i am not a scam then i want you to recieve your money bofore you shipp the item out maxmai herry: then i will like to transfer the money to your bank account invest2profit: ookay, thats cool wats the adress though so i can get the package ready to be shipped on Moj invest2profit: mon* BUZZ!!! invest2profit: ? invest2profit: u there>? maxmai herry: 23402 maxmai herry: COUNTRY maxmai herry: NIGERIA invest2profit: is that the full address? maxmai herry: yes is that invest2profit: oh by the way, my cousin Uchenna lives in Nigeria and he has a couple of Xbox 360’s as well. You want him to deliever it to that address? (instead of my shipping it and spending so much money?) maxmai herry: ok do not worry for that maxmai herry: i told you am not in nigeria now maxmai herry: i want to buy this xbox for my son so maxmai herry: i don’t like thing mistake ok maxmai herry: just send to the address invest2profit: i know, i’ll recieve the money and ur son will not wait for shipment my cousin will deliver it to him the same day if not the following invest2profit: i think thats a great idea. maxmai herry: you no sum of nigeria are scam do you no that?? maxmai herry: are you there invest2profit: yes im aware of that, thats why my cousin Uchenna who is from Nigeria is opening a warehouse and delievering himself. invest2profit: i was talking 2 him and he just told me he will deliever it himeself becuz if it’s a scam he will take care of them maxmai herry: ok maxmai herry: good i can like that invest2profit: thats y im not really woried doing business with any1 in Nigeria maxmai herry: but now do you want to shipp the item invest2profit: i think i told u before i have sold 117 Xbox 360s to Nigeria invest2profit: i did have a few problems, but Uchenna (i love that dude) has made sure i got every penny promised hehe BUZZ!!! invest2profit: okay, cool im on the phone with him right now he said he will take care of it (just send money to account plez) maxmai herry: are you there??? invest2profit: okay, cool im on the phone with him right now he said he will take care of it (just send money to account plez) maxmai herry: ok i will transfer the money to your account there?? invest2profit: yep invest2profit: thats great invest2profit: i hope we have a successful business and no1 gets hurt physicaly or anything of that sort during this transaction invest2profit: so we cool? BUZZ!!! invest2profit: hello? invest2profit: u tehre? maxmai herry: but just tell me why you do not talk abi olosinie invest2profit: wats ur question? invest2profit: i dont speak nigerian if thats wat ur asking becuz i have never be exposed to it invest2profit: my people alwys spoke english 2 me even my relatives from there invest2profit: my relatives been in business all their lives and have mastered english so we always communicate in english BUZZ!!! invest2profit: u there? BUZZ!!! invest2profit: hello? maxmai herry has signed out. (12/3/2005 1:59 PM)

invest2profit: dude, u there? invest2profit: he said he will bring the xbox 360 within 48 hours

Update - call centers (at least ours) have mandated certain criteria that operators can use to determine whether a call is fraud or not. If the internet relay call meets the criteria, the operators may have a supervisor “interrupt” the call and issue an advisory to the voice user of possible fraud. The voice user is then given the choice to terminate the call.

I work at an autoparts store and got someone calling in with a relay call, they wanted to order 1200 spark plugs and gave me a credit card number and When asked to fax over a credit card copy and driverse liscense it took them a whole day, they said that it was their fax machine, but when looking at the liscense it didnt look real but we had already charged the card over $2500. then he also wanted them shipped to lagos, nigeria, and wanted to pay for the freight on the card too so finally we called the card comapany and it was a scam, these people are crazy.

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