No textbooks, never!

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Summer and mysteriously the weeks just before Christmas are the times people are most apt to call about selling us their unwanted books.

Summer is the heaviest buying season. Also the worst selling season. More people offer books but our wallet is flat.

For twenty years I've been fighting against fiction. I know that sounds wicked but it is always the largest category of books people have to sell. We have too much literary fiction, too much science fiction – which would've seemed unlikely decades ago – too many mysteries and how much horror we have is a horror in itself.

Belts tightened when someone asks what we want to buy I say “Scholarly and academic books but no textbooks.”

That never stops them from toting in boxes of Chemistry 101. When I explain that textbook publishing is a racket and that the publishers are masters of planned obsolescence I get protests that it is a shame to throw away a book, especially an unwanted book. I bet they didn't want it when they were in class.

Used bookdealers and librarians who deal in books and readers in a practical way know there are books no one will ever want again. There's no reason to get sentimental about a book published purely for profit that will never help or afford pleasure to another human being again.

Blind people can't see the colors of the rainbow. The plain folk can't distinguish between Natterings on Narratology or A Provisional Assessment of of Material Culture Macedonian Elephant Iconography and a tattered old odd volume from an encyclopedia.

Your feelings?

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No textbooks, never!
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