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In the early days we started collecting customer addresses from checks to build a mailing list. Later we created a sign-up sheet that sits on our counter. Mostly we sent out announcements of our seasonal sales.

During sluggish springs we send out a "Present this card " discount card the customer (theoretically, we're forgiving of the absent minded, if only prudentially) brings in for a discount.

The return this time wasn't large. But a few customers - Hi, Mike - made it profitable. The cards expire as of closing today which coincidentally is a holiday Monday. Memorial Day is a holiday I forget until the Friday preceding it. So today's brisk business, mostly from the cards wasn't due to my canny fore planning.

With a little luck folks will spend their last holiday evening adding some our books to shopping cards and "Buying Now!" and that batch of books that I expected to sell Saturday night will be heading off to new owners tomorrow.


Hi yourself, Richard. Always happy to enrich my local favorite bookstore to the detriment of my checking account.

I’m in fact listening now to the CDs I bought, giving them a fair listen before deciding whether they will stick around.

And because I don’t have a web site or blog, I will list here the books I bought (not the comics and collections), to show what wonderful values can be had on sales days:

  • Cakes and Ale, Maugham. Been reading reviews of the latest bio on Maugham, and thought I’d start with this one.

  • Selected Prefaces & Introductions by Maugham. I have his book “Summing Up”, which was very pleasant. This looked dippable, with nice short chapters.

  • Boswell’s Life of Johnson, abridged. Excerpts with appropriate titles. I don’t want to make the commitment to the full-strength “Life”; I like good-parts versions. (I also bought my “Shorter Pepys” bk at BDFAR, a few years ago.) (Do I detect a theme in “brief books”?)

  • Kilvert’s Diary (selections). Diary of a Victorian clergyman; have seen his name recur in other journal anthologies I have, so a surprise to see this on the shelf. If I had to choose between a novel and someone’s diary, I’d probably pick the diary every time.

See you next month.

No, no. Everybody needs an unabridged Life of Johnson. To be fair I took the only one we’ve ever had.

I keep hoping we’ll get an abridged Pepys that is more than a two hundred-page octavo. I’m not sure how much I want to read but would like some critical apparatus as well. Just hit me that I’ve never seen a Penguin Pepys.

Your feelings?

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