Pricing Old SF Series Books

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Every so often I check prices on an odd old science fiction book or two to see if they are worth cataloging, i.e., I can reasonably ask $3.00. My luck is always spotty.

Yesterday I check a volume at random by Alan Burt Akers, one of the many fantasy series authors published by DAW in the old days. It was worth cataloging. So I went back to the shelf and grabbed the other five we’ve had for years. Only one of those merited cataloging. I should probably through them in the cheap bookcase on the porch.

Back when I read science fiction I enjoyed Ian Wallace’s Croyd novels. First one I checked wasn’t that common. As with Akers only one of the remaining batch went into Gordon’s to-be-cataloged box.

Lastly I grabbed three books published in Donning’s Starblaze series. One we’d be lucky to get a dollar for, another might bring $4.00 and the last one I’m asking $10.00 for (<em> The Moon's Fire-Eating Daughter</em> by John Myers).

Been mostly dealing with cheap, common books the last couple of days. Need to discover surprise rarity (actually any junky book that is worth at least $20.00 say) too boost my will to keep on pricing and cataloging.

Your feelings?

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