Rather be a janitor?

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I wrote to my partner, Gordon: Silly as it may sound it always cheers me when I come in > and there are some interesting books to work on.

His reply:

I don't see anything silly about it. If we made our living selling Louis L'Amour and Left Behind books I'd just as soon be a janator.

Well, really there's something to be said for working for yourself even if you are peddling vomitous but harmless trash*.

*A hard to define category. Bestsellers are mostly just inert prose product, neither better nor worse than TV. McDonald's probably causes no end of heart attacks and diabetes. But the masses yearing for their salt, sugar and lard would probably buying food equally filthy. And even working at Wal-Mart would be complicated by the the evil truth that their pressure on vendors' prices has shifted production to Chinese slave labor camps.

Your feelings?

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Rather be a janitor?
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