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Business has been dismal for us of late. Online and walk-in. Some of the latter is readily explained. Most Duke students are getting ready to go home for the summer. Always slow week or two there. I've come to take the zig and zag of ecommerce sales in stride. A couple of days are floods, the next several trickles.

One partial explanation is that we're cataloging too much pedestrian books. Books we've had for sometime that I've ignored because I was sure they'd be slow sellers if sellers at all. It doesn't get much worse for online bookselling than a popular novel, whatever the book's literary value that has passed the days of healthy sales. The conversion rate from cataloging to selling is mighty tiny.

Our online sales have almost all been from the three Big A's with a few droplets from Antiqbook. The minor venues may give us a sale a week. Not individually: combined.

Hope you are prospering.


Hello Richard,

Greetings from your past. You just got a plug on Bookfinder Insider, so perhaps your blog traffic will be increasing. Wish I were there.


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