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From this morningís Technorati report I was surprised to find that this weblog is Aortalís site of the week.

This weblog was originally a category of my personal journal. Then I established it as a separate weblog. When I found that I wasnít posting regularly I blended it back into my personal pages. Discovering after the fact that a few people had linked to it I restored it to its separate status a couple of months ago.

My thanks to those of you who have linked to these pages. I think they are fairly dull but as long as there are readers Iíll try to find something to say.



I thought I might submit this for your website of the week. is dedicated to keeping alive the series of ‘Uncle’ books written by J.P.Martin and is also about my attempts to develop them into an animated film.

The books are a riot of nonsense and invention. Uncle is an elephant ó although he could just as well have been anything elseó who is fabulously rich and rides about on a traction engine. His house is surrounded by a moat and includes one hundred skyscrapers. There are haunted towers and a shop where a bicycle costs a half-penny and another in which a broken mouse-trap is priced at five hundred pounds. Transport is by water chute, Iift and switchback railway. Uncle and his friends, a very odd lot, have a perpetual feud with the Badfort Crowd and there are exciting battles conducted in a most unconventional way and with no permanent casualties.

Intriguingly one publisher rejected the books on the grounds that they were amoral and said Uncle was “a fascist” whereas The Listener reviewing the first book said “Uncle is a savage attack on a capitalist society.”

The author, a clergyman, originally wrote the stories in the 1930’s for his own children and they were eventually published in the 1960’s. Sadly they are now out of print.

The books were illustrated by the then little known Quentin Blake who is now, of course, a very popular author and illustrator of children?s books. In fact the price of second hand copies of the books is quite high because of the illustrations.

Hope you enjoy the site.

Best Wishes

Tony Bannister

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