So you like British authors?

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Some English fiction either never makes it to the US or only after a considerable delay. That is true of some belle lettres and other literary prose but it happens less often and fewer people care.

I regularly come across UK editions of historical, science fiction and fantasy novels that have yet to be printed in America. British print runs are small by US standards. Books seem to often go out of print quickly. The famous stuff gets printed over here quickly enough but some books donít have an American edition for a year or two.

Sometimes the best policy is to go ahead and buy a book new. Or to buy an in print edition from an English publisher. If it is out of print Iíll be asking a premium for it. As while the UK used bookdealers whoíll have to charge you more for shipping.

Likewise some of the more obscure English literature is in print over there but scarce here. I might charge you $20 for something you could order from Amazonís UK site for $10 including shipping (and Amazon UK gets books to the US remarkably swiftly).


Trying to locate a British Author, Mr. Edmund S. Ions, author of “Sherlock Holmes in Dallas”,written under pseudonym “Edmund Aubrey.” Replies on information for possible contact appreciated.

I agree with your comments about the lag time between publishing in different countries. (Out of print now) but I know people in the US who would consider killing to get hold of a copy of the supplimentary book for the Amtrak Wars.

Sir: back in the late 1970-early 80’s I read a book about Churchills child spy during WW2.I thought the name of the book was The Gauntlet but I have been unsuccessful. The first chapter tells of a young man watching the funeral o Churchill and then takes you back when the young man (then a boy) met Churchill (the boy lived next door to Churchhill in the country. I forget who the author was. Can you help me? Many thanks.

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So you like British authors?
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