Some books go in the trash

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I was standing on the porch smoking a cigarette when Yance, our clerk, asked me where I'd put the Rush Limbaugh books.

"In the trash!" was my reply.

I didn't know that a customer I couldn't see had asked. Not that I cared.

Cigarette burnt to the nub I go in and sit down. A couple of moments later the man left slamming the door on his way out.

We all had a good giggle.

Some money we don't need.


My manager at my old bookstore job felt differently: she hated Rush Limbaugh, but thought that selling his books, along with lots of other popular dreck, enabled her to carry other books she might not otherwise be able to afford.

To digress: I had just started working for her when Rush Limbaugh’s first book came out. I had no freakin’ idea who he was. I answered the phone the first day at work to hear the woman on the other end say, “Y’all got any rush?” I thought she was asking for drugs. Turned out she was a manager at another bookstore who had run out (of books, not drugs) and wanted to send us customers. :)

Oh well we do sell awful crap. But on our end of the book economy what is popular new is almost unsellable secondhand.

I learned about Limbaugh from all sorts of weird defensive remarks people would make in reference to this mysterious fount of wisdom. For a long time all I knew about him was that he got married to a woman he met on CompuServe.

Finally I saw a couple of minutes of the TV show ?

I love this story! So close to my heart. When Rush’s first book came out I went to my favorite small local book store and asked if they carried it. The elderly lady said that’s not really the type of book we want here. I said GOOD, now I can shop here!

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Some books go in the trash
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