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Most people who sell us books are happy enough with our offer. A handful will get bitchy about how little I'm willing to pay for some books, particularly recent fiction. Nowadays if you even look like you might not be satisfied with what I'm willing to pay and your books aren't of exceptional quality I may not even make an offer. I have too much routine shelf stock to be really hungry for more.

Some people simply give us books. If they are good books I'll often insist on paying for them. If I'm not around Yance who can't really judge the books quality will just accept them.

The most recent batch was a surprise in two respects. The owner seems to have fairly mainstream (for down here in North Carolina) conservative Baptist sympathies. He also has a strong taste for scholarly works and reprints of text from the 17th Century English Revolution and 19th Century John Darby style protestant fundamentalism.

Aside from being unusual and worthwhile many of the books are out-of-print and scarce.

When I priced the collection the books ranged from $20 to $90 (another dealer listing the latter described the book thusly: ~Ooh, Ooh, Ooh Pick ME!! Great Book!!! Buy with Confidence as Your TOTAL Satisfaction is Our #1 Priority!!~

Can't help but smile that books that someone gave away are worth far more than those people fuss about getting paid enough for.

You have any stories, happy or otherwise of selling your books to a local used bookdealer?

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Some people give us books.

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