Xmas slump

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It hasn't been a merry xmas for us to date. Usually we get a thin ripple of extra browsers. Some looking for gifts others visiting only because they are out and about. Little of that this year. And I made a point of restocking the comics reprint paperbacks so they could be bought as gifts.

We've had one of those mysterious drops of comic book sales we've been getting in late fall for a few years. In January the comics will sell as well as they did in September. But having the comic books sales slack off while we are adding to the backstock gave us one week where we didn't make a nickel on the comics.

Nor did we get the ecommerce bubble I was expecting. I think we may hurt ourselves some there. We stopped enabling what Amazon calls 'expedited shipping' on our listings because Amazon keeps a good chunk of what they collect. So shipping costs of oversized books exceed what we're paid. Given the sellers who list ten pound books for $5.00 I suspect many of them tell the customer that they'll have to kick in more for shipping. Since that is against Amazon's policy we ordinarily don't do that. Don't want Amazon to get angry with us.

But if I were ordering Christmas presents I'd want priority shipping myself and wouldn't buy from someone who didn't offer it.

The last couple of days have seen orders for critical theory and things like Chicana Studies so some folks are already ordering academic books.

We'll probably being doing better once Santa has gone his merry way.

Your feelings?

Please share your feelings about Xmas slump.

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